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Pediatric surgeons see a wide variety of cases that differ significantly from those seen by adult or general surgeons. Therefore, pediatric surgery requires specialized training. Our best pediatric surgeon in Pakistan at ALSA is board-certified and highly talented, offering every type of surgery, from simple to complex surgical procedures. Best Pediatric surgeon – Dr. Muhammad Mohsin provides cutting-edge, pinpoint surgical care for your children through advanced laparoscopic technologies and surgical systems.
When Covid-19 first popped up, the healthcare industry was in complete chaos. There was a tipping point where child health was at significant risk. Many people were unaware of the medical conditions and treatment for their children. As a result, ALSA Pakistan recognized the importance of going digital and expanding its reach to patients. Recent studies have shown that billions of kids worldwide lack access to safe surgical and anesthesia care facilities. At some point, Pakistan also lacks advanced facilities for pediatric surgical care. For this reason, ALSA Pakistan extends the reach of medical treatments for newborns and infants and surgical care for your children.

Best Pediatric surgeon at ALSA – Dr. Muhammad Mohsin

Pakistan is home to world-class pediatric surgeon Dr. Muhammad Mohsin. He places high on the list of specialists in the field of pediatric surgery. In 2008, he began his academic journey at the Army Medical College, National University of Sciences and Technology. As a result, he begins his residency at Jinnah Hospital in Lahore. After achieving Fellowship in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan in 2018, he embarked on a journey to further his medical education.
He began serving patients and medical institutions as a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2020. In addition, he worked in the Pediatric Surgery Department at Jinnah Hospital, Children Hospital, and the Institute of Child Health in Lahore, Pakistan’s primary and secondary tertiary care hospitals, respectively.
Moreover, Dr. Mohsin, the best pediatric surgeon in Lahore, has experience working in the field of surgical oncology at Lahore’s Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. After graduation from medical school, he relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he is now widely recognized as the top pediatric surgeon at the International Medical Center’s Department of Pediatric Surgery.
His commitment to research and innovation makes him stand out from the competition. He has also contributed to the national healthcare establishment and excels as a surgical expert. Furthermore, he aims to provide highly specialized and skilled services and care for your children so that pediatric surgery becomes accessible for as many parents as possible.

Pediatric Surgery Treatments and Facilities at ALSA Pakistan

The best Pediatric surgeon in Pakistan diagnoses, treats, and manages surgical requirements and care for your children, such as:

Undescended Testicles

A surgical procedure is the most prevalent, effective, and long-lasting solution for undescended testicles. Surgery for undescended testicles has a high success rate and is a relatively straightforward procedure. ALSA Pakistan offers reasonable surgical options for undescended testicles and penile surgery in infant boys using highly skilled hands to ensure your health…..Read More

Inguinal Hernia surgery

An inguinal hernia is a condition in which the hernia tissue bulges out of a weak spot in the abdominal region of a child. It needs repair through surgical treatment. At ALSA Pakistan, the surgery is performed by highly qualified and experienced pediatric surgeons. He performs this procedure through Laparoscopic techniques, which is the most suitable treatment for repairing the inguinal hernia in paeds…… Read More

Anorectal Disorders Treatment

Anorectal malformation results when the anus and the rectum do not develop normally during embryonic development. Babies with these illnesses require emergency treatment for pediatric anorectal disorders. Come to ALSA Pakistan for the ultimate anorectal disorders treatment and surgical care for your children…… Read More

Anal Stenosis Treatment

A skilled and compassionate pediatric surgeon in Lahore is committed to optimizing their patients’ health outcomes. We aim to deliver the best anal stenosis treatment in Pakistan by doing everything from making an individualized treatment plan to providing every possible care…… Read More

Hirschsprung Disease

We at ALSA Pakistan are more than capable of treating Hirschsprung disease in Pakistan. With the aid of contemporary technology, we successfully undertake laparoscopic surgery to correct Hirschsprung disease and enable children to live pretty, healthy lives…… Read More


In circumcision, the foreskin covering the penis’s glans is surgically removed. When it comes to healthcare, no one does it better than ALSA Pakistan, which consistently ranks the satisfaction and safety of patients at the top of its list of concerns. Therefore, with the highest quality care, we do circumcisions in Lahore at reasonable circumcision cost…… Read More

Avail Supreme and Quality
Medical Care for your Children

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin, the most eminent and Best Pediatric surgeon in lahore, heads up our center for surgical care for your children. Moreover, he provides pediatric services and has years of experience in the field. Therefore, we feel the pride to have a proven track record of developing and implementing minimally invasive approaches to some of the most popular procedures performed on children. In addition, we offer comprehensive treatment for the following pediatric surgical procedures and guarantee a speedy and complete recovery for your child.
People of all ages can get the help they need from the interdisciplinary group of medical experts of ALSA Pakistan. Our team’s pediatric and laparoscopic surgeon is among the best in the world. The success of our current and future patients may be assured because of the excellent planning and execution of our team. We aim to provide quality, affordable medical care for your children in Pakistan.

Additional Services That We Offer

Pediatric Duplication and Cyst Surgery

Duplication cysts affect the GI tract from the mouth to the anus. It’s a birth defect. Most cysts occur in the small intestine’s ileum, esophagus, jejunum, colon, stomach, and appendix. 80% of pediatric duplication cysts are gastric, while 20% are stomach-based. At ALSA, we offer duplication cyst treatment in Pakistan with proper diagnosis and guaranteed outcomes.

Pediatric Pyloric and Stenosis Surgery

Infants with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis have an enlarged or constricted stomach muscle (Pylorus). In addition, infants with HPS have a stomach outlet obstruction due to muscle thickening. Therefore, ALSA Pakistan has come up with the most effective treatment for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in Pakistan.

Ureteropelvic Junction Stenosis

Ureteropelvic junction stenosis is the obstruction or slowness of urine flow to the bladder. The disorder is not very prevalent. Nonetheless, ALSA Pakistan is available to provide the most effective pediatric ureteropelvic junction treatment in Pakistan.

Renal or Wilms Tumor in Peds

The health professionals at ALSA Pakistan assure you will receive the most adequate Pediatric Wilms tumor treatment and post-treatment care for your children. Remarkably, it is difficult to distinguish between Wilms tumor and renal cell cancer. However, you only need to have faith in us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ALSA Pakistan?

In response to the need for better healthcare, ALSA Pakistan, one of the premier medical organizations in Pakistan. It has stepped up to offer facilities that meet international medical standards. Moreover, their experts and surgeons are committed to their respective specialties.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

This surgery avoids major surgery and a significant recovery time. For this procedure, the child specialist inserts a camera through a small incision in the skin. Then, he can operate on your child with this equipment.

What is the recovery time after laparoscopic surgery?

The recovery time for laparoscopic procedures on children is significantly shorter. After surgery, many children or infants can go home on the same day of surgery.

What is Pediatric Surgery?

Pediatric surgery is a general surgery specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and, most importantly, surgical care of infants, babies, children, and teenagers.

Who is a Pediatric Surgeon?

A pediatric surgeon is trained to operate on newborns, children, and adolescents. He does a detailed check to confirm your child’s condition and recommends the most effective treatment.

Why ALSA for Pediatric Surgery?

The Best Pediatric surgeon in lahore at ALSA is renowned for his particular surgical knowledge and skills. Moreover, his research aimed at creating novel techniques and approaches that make surgery safe and effective for children.