Best Surgical Procedure For Undescended Testes And Recovery

procedure for undescended testes

What are undescended testes?

An undescended testicle is a condition when it fails to drop into its usual place in the scrotum. The child’s doctor can find this condition during a routine exam. This medical condition is found in 3 or 5 out of 100 newborn boys and 21 out of 100 premature babies. But fortunately, half of these cases resolve after three months, and testes drop independently. If the testis doesn’t drop on its own after three months of age, then about 1 or 2 out of 100 newborn boys with this condition will need the surgical procedure for undescended testes.  

Moreover, about 1 of every five young boys has undescended. They have normal testes as a baby. This condition develops because the testis does not fit properly in the scrotum and appears as the child grows. So, if the undescended testicle appears later, the condition is known as “ascending testes”. 

These testes need a surgical procedure to push them into the scrotum. Otherwise, sperm won’t be able to mature. 

Retractile testes 

Primarily, it is not to confuse undescended and retractile testes because these are two different things. After six months of age, boys usually have a reflex that temporarily pulls their testes up to protect them in case of low temperature or if the newborn feels frightened. Retractile testes are in the scrotum, and this condition does not need treatment. But if the condition is permanent, like true undescended testis, then surgical treatment is necessary. The best pediatric surgeon in Lahore can tell the difference between the two conditions and can fully treat them with surgery.  

What would be the long-term effects of undescended testes? 

The testes are the pouch-like skin sac where sperm and testosterone are made. The scrotum maintains the temperature of the testicle by keeping it lower than the rest of the body. Because sperms are unable to grow at body temperature, therefore they need a cooler setting. Normally, testes form in the abdomen and descend to the bottom of the scrotum in the last months of pregnancy. Usually, Testes attach themselves with stretchable tissue at the bottom of the scrotum, which is controlled by the normal hormones of the infant.  

The longer the testes are in a warm environment, the lower chance that the sperms inside them mature normally. Therefore, the testes that do not drop into the scrotum won’t function normally. This can cause infertility later in life, significantly when both testes are affected by this condition. 

Undescended testes pose a higher risk of the following complications. 

  • Testicular cancer affects less than 1 in 100 adults
  • Twisting of the chord supplies blood to the scrotum. This condition is known as testicular torsion. 
  • Pediatric Inguinal hernia 
  • It may also cause trauma to the testes

What is the cause of undescended testes? 

In most cases, before the surgical procedure of undescended testes, the cause is unknown. But it may be because of some abnormality in the development of the testes. In other cases, it happens because instead of dropping in the scrotum, the testes drop next to it. This condition is known as ectopic testes. Undescended testes may also be due to hormones of the baby that cannot stimulate the testes normally. Moreover, no studies have shown that this problem occurs due to something the mother did or consumed during the pregnancy. 

Risk factors of undescended testes

According to a research study, some risk factors increase the risk of undescended testes. Such as:

  • The low weight of the newborn 
  • Premature birth
  • Family history of genital problems or undescended testes
  • Use of alcohol or cigarette by the mother 
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals such as pesticides 
  • Exposure to chemicals with endocrine-disrupting properties
  • Gestational diabetes  

Another study shows that there is an increased risk of undescended testes in 

fetuses with down’s syndrome.

What is the best course of treatment for undescended testes? 

There are two treatments in practice for undescended testes. 

  1. Hormone therapy 

Hormone therapy is one option for undescended testes. In this therapy, healthcare providers inject a hormone called HCG into the body. This hormone helps the testes in the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. Sometimes higher levels of testosterone move the testicle down into the scrotum. Hormone therapy is an effective treatment in some cases of undescended testes. 

  1. Surgical treatment 

If the testes do not come down by the time the baby is nine months, the healthcare providers suggest surgery. The undescended testes surgery is also known as orchiopexy. 

Orchiopexy surgery 

surgeons perform orchiopexy surgery to move the testes from the abdomen or groin into the scrotum. 

During the surgery, the newborn boy receives a general anesthetic and feels no pain. After that, the surgeon makes minor cuts in the groin and scrotum and brings the testes down into the scrotum, and stitches them in place. In the surgical procedure of und, the best laparoscopic pediatric surgeon in Lahore uses a small camera for pelvic examination and, after finding the testes move them in the proper place. 

Recovery of the child after the surgery

After the surgery, the child usually recovers in 2 or 3 days. He may feel pain, swelling, or bruising in the groin area and surgeons suggest pain medicine. Swelling and bruising go away within 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery. 

How to take care of the child after surgery?

Following are the instructions that ensure your child’s quick recovery. 

  •  Less activity 

○ Sleeping helps the child recover sooner than later. 

○ Your child must avoid straddling activities, contact sports, swimming, and tumbling for a few days.

○ When the pain decreases, your child may return to daycare or school within 2 or 3 days. 

  •  Proper diet

○ Your child must stay hydrated but use clear fluids only, such as water and apple juice. Hot drinks and juices of citrus fruits increase the pain, so avoid them.

○ When your child starts eating, make sure he eats foods that are easy to swallow, such as puddings, custards, yogurt, scrambled eggs, soft noodles, etc. it will be wise to avoid hot, spicy, hard, or crunchy foods for a few days. 

  •  Regular medication

○ Your child  should take medicines as prescribed by the doctor. If your child is having problems with medicines, call the doctor immediately. 

○ If the medication includes antibiotics, be sure to complete the course as instructed by the doctor. 

  •  Care of the incision site

○ Wash your hands before touching the site of the incision, and if it has stripes of tape on it, leave the tape on until it falls off. 

○ Wash the incision site with warm water daily and keep it dry. Avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because these slow the healing process. 

Follow-up care ensures speedy recovery and is an essential part of the treatment and safety of the child. Do not miss any doctor’s appointments, and call the doctor immediately in case of any problem. 

Undescended testes treatment in Pakistan

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Although undescended testes are not painful, long-term complications can be a problem in the future. These complications include fertility issues, chordee penile torsion, inguinal hernia, trauma to the testes, and even testicular cancer. 

Therefore, having the best pediatric surgeon in Pakistan is the key to your child’s safe and successful treatment. ALSA Pakistan has advanced equipment, experienced staff, and a hygienic environment to deliver the best possible care to your child throughout the treatment process. 

Cost of procedure for undescended testes in Pakistan

The surgical procedure for undescended testes cost in Pakistan ranges from 100k to 150K for one side and 150k to 200k for both sides. The affordable price of the undescended testes treatments at ALSA makes it easier for the patients to travel miles to get the best treatment they desire for their child. ALSA has trained staff dealing with patients from all over Pakistan and working round the clock to make them feel comfortable.