Hirschsprung Disease treatment in Pakistan

What is a Hirschsprung Disease?

Hirschsprung disease is a birth disorder in which the baby is not able to pass stool normally. Excretion is a cycle that’s vital to life; we eat, digest and excrete. It all begins on the first day of a baby’s life, as the newborns pass their first stool, called meconium. The newborns are supposed to pass their first stool after a few hours of birth. But sometimes babies can have trouble, and if a baby does not pass their first stool within 48 hours of life, it is a cause for concern, and the baby could have Hirschsprung disease. In this disease, the intestines become blocked with stool, and your baby will be constipated and unable to have normal bowel movements. Though this disease can be dangerous, at ALSA Pakistan, we are more than equipped to perform Hirschsprung disease treatment in Pakistan. With the help of modern technology, we perform laparoscopic successful surgery for Hirschsprung disease to fix the problem and help children to live relatively normal, healthy lives.

This condition is usually identified in the first two months of life, although less severe cases may be diagnosed later in childhood. Eighty per cent of newborns with Hirschsprung’s disease shows symptoms in the first six weeks of their life. However, babies who only have a short segment of the diseased intestine may not exhibit symptoms for several months or years. Their primary symptom is constipation.

Hirschsprung Disease Symptoms 

Typically, the most obvious symptom is a newborn’s failure to pass stool within 48 hours after birth. Other signs and symptoms of Hirschsprung disease in newborns may include;

Symptoms vary with age. Sometimes, children aren’t diagnosed initially at birth and may later show symptoms of severe constipation and a distended abdomen. In older children, Hirschsprung disease symptoms can include:

If not treated, an inherently serious bacterial infection (enterocolitis) may develop. Surgery is done to remove the diseased section of the intestine for the Hirschsprung disease treatment. 

Hirschsprung Disease Causes

The exact cause of the absence of these nerve cells is unknown. It sometimes occurs in families and can be associated with a genetic abnormality. It begins to take hold of a baby in the early months of pregnancy and is present at birth. It can appear as an isolated condition or as part of a broader disorder that affects multiple organ systems. However, the following factors can increase the risk of Hirschsprung disease in newborns;

Hirschsprung Disease Treatment for newborn in Pakistan

Surgery is recommended for Hirschsprung disease treatment, and the diseased portion of the intestine is removed. The surgery for Hirschsprung disease is called the pull-through procedure. At ALSA Pakistan, our child surgeon Dr Muhammad Mohsin performs this procedure to fix the intestinal obstruction when Hirschsprung disease is initially diagnosed. The goal of this surgical procedure is to remove the diseased section of the intestine of your child and to pull the healthy portion of the intestine down to the anus. In most cases, this procedure can be done with minimally invasive techniques. It can sometimes be performed completely through the anus, leaving no scars at all. We can discuss different surgical techniques with you to determine the best option for your child. Hirschsprung disease is a very serious condition. But if found quickly and treated on time, it can help your child live a relatively normal life. According to the medical literature, most children are able to enjoy a good quality of life following the Hirschsprung Disease Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hirschsprung disease?

In this condition, the intestines become jammed with stool, preventing your infant from having regular bowel movements.

Does the disease show any symptoms?

Yes, the primary symptom is constipation. However, it accompanies some others, like abdominal discomforts, stomach disorders, fever, fatigue, malnutrition, and delayed growth.

Why choose ALSA for Hirschsprung disease treatment in Pakistan?

The pediatric surgeon Dr Mohsin at ALSA carries the laparoscopic surgical procedure with great care and advanced equipment, ensuring good quality of life for your child at a low price.

Is Hirschsprung disease completely a birth disorder?

Yes! You can identify the condition in your baby during the first 2 months of birth. However, 80% of babies show the symptoms in the first 6 weeks after birth.

What is the pull-through procedure?

It is the procedure of Hirschsprung disease treatment. During the procedure, the diseased part of the intestines causing bowel obstruction is removed, and the healthy part of the intestine is pulled towards the anus.