Mesenteric And Omental Cyst Treatment for Paeds In Pakistan

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What are mesenteric cysts in children?

Mesenteric and omental cysts in a child are the formation of highly uncommon abdominal tumor’s. These cysts can appear anywhere in the mesentery, from the duodenum to the rectum. Cysts are most commonly found in the small bowel mesentery and the mesocolon. Because of their common embryological origin, mesenteric and omental cysts are in the same group.

What are Omental cysts in children?

Omental cysts are uncommon abdominal cysts that typically affect children under 10. However, they have been observed in adults. Omental cysts are most likely congenital and connected to abnormal lymphatic masses that develop elsewhere in the body. Furthermore, most cysts are independent and might be unilocular or multilocular on omental cyst ultrasound.

It most commonly appears as persistent abdominal distension. They seem less commonly as abdominal tumours with discomfort, tiredness, or paleness. Omental cysts mostly need acute abdomen surgery or occur as an expanding cyst affecting the respiratory or urinary systems.


The occurrence of mesenteric and omental cysts in children’s ages varied from newborn to 18 years (average age, 6 years). One-third of all cases involve kids under the age of 15. The average age of the kids affected is 4 years old. Mesenteric cysts occur 4.5 times more frequently than omental cysts.

Mesenteric and omental cysts are identified before birth during the prenatal ultrasound. However, there is no accepted purpose for treating these tumours in pregnancy. If cysts are identified during pregnancy, early management is to avoid potential consequences such as blockage and intestinal bowel obstructions.

Common Mesenteric Cysts Symptoms

The most common presenting mesenteric cysts symptoms include the following indications; however, these symptoms are also the same for omental cysts.

Mesenteric Cyst and Omental Cyst Complications

Mesenteric and omental cysts have been linked to several problems, including the following:

Cancerous transformation of mesenteric cysts has been seen in adults; but not in Paeds. Therefore, morbidity and death are low because of contemporary surgical methods and follow-up treatments.

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Omental Cyst Vs Mesenteric Cyst

There is no specific difference between the omental cysts and mesenteric cysts. Both cysts may have the same mode of action in affecting the body. However, their location can differentiate them. The mesenteric cysts are not freely moveable, whereas omental cysts are freely moveable in the body. In addition, Omental cysts are removable without disturbing the surrounding bowel. On the other hand, while treating mesenteric cysts, other surrounding tissues or organs may also suffer.


Your general physician or pediatric surgeon may diagnose the disease if your child suffers from severe abdominal pain or discomfort. Moreover, the second most frequent diagnosis is appendicitis.

Mesenteric and Omental Cyst Treatment for Paeds in Pakistan

There is no medical treatment available. The appearance of an abdominal mass with or without indications of intestinal obstruction is the most prevalent reason for surgical treatment in children with mesenteric or omental cysts. Therefore, a pediatric surgeon may choose either laparoscopic surgery or open surgery to remove cysts.

ALSA Pakistan offers laparoscopic or laparoscopy-assisted removal of mesenteric and omental cysts. The best pediatric surgeon in Lahore ensures efficient, safe, and reasonable mesenteric and omental treatment costs in Pakistan.

Surgical Procedure 

The primary purpose of surgical treatment for mesenteric and omental cysts is the total removal of the cyst. However, the surgeon chooses laparoscopic surgery in children to locate and remove these cysts. But sometimes, they must go with laparotomy with a longer incision (open surgery), depending on the condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are mesenteric and omental cysts, and when can they be identified?

Mesenteric and omental cysts are uncommon abdominal and mesenteric tumors in children. Instead, they are identified primarily before birth during prenatal ultrasound.

How can the pediatric surgeon diagnose the condition in my child?

The best pediatric surgeon may diagnose the condition if your child suffers from severe abdominal pain or appendicitis.

Is mesenteric and omental cysts treatment for peds available in Pakistan?

Yes! ALSA Pakistan offers the best mesenteric and omental cysts treatment for peds in Pakistan at highly reasonable prices.

At what age do children get affected by mesenteric and omental cysts?

Mesenteric and omental cysts in peds affect newborns to 18 years old children. However, most cases appear in children under the age of 15.

What could be the best treatment plan?

Laparoscopic surgery by a pediatric surgeon is the best way to locate and remove mesenteric and omental cysts in peds.