The best promised Paediatric Malrotation treatment in Pakistan

Malrotation, otherwise known as nonrotation or incomplete rotation, refers to any variation in rotation and fixation of the gastrointestinal tract during the development of the fetus. It is quite rare as approximately one out of 500 children born suffer from the condition. However, only one out of 6000 babies is diagnosed with the intestine twisting or malrotation with volvulus that causes the obstruction cutting off the blood supply to the intestine. However, you need not worry when ALSA Pakistan is at your service with the promise of the best paediatric malrotation treatment in Pakistan.

What is malrotation in infants?

It is a prenatal abnormality in which the baby’s intestine fails to rotate correctly in the abdomen. The experts believe it to happen during the early stages of pregnancy such as the first 10 weeks. It results in the improper setting of the intestine in the wrong parts of the abdomen. Further, it may lead to blockage or injury of the intestine. Furthermore, malrotation long term effects may prove to be fatal. For example, it may cause damage to the convoluted part of the intestine. However, treatment of volvulus is possible and the child may continue to grow and develop normally. Notably, the exact causes of malrotation in paeds are still unknown. Whatever the reason, with the extensive paediatric experience and skills of Dr Muhammad Mohsin, you can trust ALSA Pakistan for the well-being of your little one.

Symptoms of malrotation   

If you observe a combination of symptoms of any of the above conditions, it is the right time to rush to ALSA Pakistan for promised care and the best pyloric stenosis treatment. Otherwise, the baby may get extremely dehydrated, malnourished, and even have jaundice. 

Malrotation is often asymptomatic, which makes paediatric malrotation treatment a challenge. However, malrotation with volvulus may cause abdominal pain and cramps mainly due to obstruction. Hence, the babies suffering from the condition exhibit a pattern. For example, they may draw their legs up and keeps on crying, which may settle for about 10 and 15 minutes. Then, they begin to cry again. Further, the symptoms of malrotation include the following.

Malrotation diagnosis

Serving you with the best pediatric malrotation treatment in Pakistan, the expert paediatrician at ALSA Pakistan conducts a thorough diagnosis for malrotation. As there are no known causes of malrotation in paeds, the protocol for diagnosis includes;

Paediatric Malrotation treatment

Paediatric malrotation treatment

As you observe your child’s pattern according to the criteria mentioned above, you must rush for the best pediatric malrotation treatment in Pakistan. The experts at ALSA Pakistan rightfully understand the gravity of the condition of your little one and treat the child as an emergency case and offer the apex treatment service; surgery for malrotation. Typically, the malrotation treatment proceeds as follows.

The aftermath of surgery for malrotation

Owing to the state-of-the-art facility of ALSA Pakistan and the proficient paramedical staff, you can put your confidence in us. Hence, if you get the best paediatric malrotation treatment for your baby right away, there is a reasonable chance your little one will grow and develop normally. Most the children with treated volvulus malrotation do not exhibit any malrotation long term effects. Moreover, the healthy growth of your baby is further ensured when the volvulus is repaired promptly with no evident damage to the intestine.  

You put your trust in ALSA Pakistan and we put our utmost efforts into your best surgical experience at our facility with the promised post-operative care for paediatric malrotation treatment


First, intravenous fluids will be given to the baby to make up for the dehydration. Further, antibiotics and sedation will be given to the baby. Hence, they mitigate the risk of possible infections and put the baby to sleep during the whole treatment procedure.


During the surgery for malrotation, the surgeon unwinds the intestine and looks for any damage. If the intestine is healthy, the surgeon replaces it in the abdomen.


The baby may suffer from obstruction and blockage of blood supply to the intestine. In such a scenario, our adept pediatric surgeon unwinds the intestine and puts it back in the right place inside the abdomen.


As the final step, the surgeon checks the health of the baby’s intestine. In case of any damage to the intestine due to obstruction, the surgeon removes the malfunctioning portion of the intestine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is malrotation in infants?

It is a developmental abnormality in which the baby’s intestine does not rotate appropriately within the belly.

What are the symptoms of malrotation?

The symptoms include swollen abdomen, less appetite, less urination, pale colouration, and irregular bowel movements with vomiting.

Is malrotation treatment in Pakistan successful?

After choosing ALSA for malrotation treatment in Pakistan, there is more chance of normal growth and development of the baby without any post-operative complications. Our pediatric surgeon strives for a healthy life for your baby.

Is it a common condition?

No, it is a very rare condition. Only 1 out of 600 babies were found to have malrotation disorder.

Can I have a malrotation treatment in Pakistan for my baby?

Yes, ALSA offers the best and most guaranteed malrotation treatment in Pakistan. The best pediatric surgeon at ALSA carefully diagnoses the severity of the condition and carries out the treatment.