What is the right age for hypospadias surgery in boys?

right age for hypospadias surgery

What is hypospadias, and the right age for hypospadias surgery in boys?

Hypospadias is a common congenital condition in which the opening of the urethra is present on the underside instead of the tip of the penis. The urethra drains urine from the bladder out of the body. It is a common condition that doesn’t cause difficulty in caring for the infant. Hypospadias surgery usually restores the normal appearance and function of the penis. Typically, the right age for hypospadias surgery for a child is 6-18 months or up to three years. Most males can have a normal reproductive and urinary system after this surgery.

Symptoms of hypospadias 

Symptoms of hypospadias may include:

  • Opening of the urethra located other than on the tip of the penis.
  • Chordee or downward curve of the penis
  • The upper portion of the penis is covered with a foreskin, which gives it a hooded appearance.
  • Abnormal spraying during urination
  • In some cases, the testes of the boys do not fully descend into the scrotum, a condition called undescended testicles.

Different types of hypospadias conditions

In boys with hypospadias, the urethra opening is not present on the tip of the penis where it usually exists. But instead of at the tip of the penis, the urethra opening is present on the underside.

The type of hypospadias depends on the location of the urethra opening in boys.

  •    Subcoronalhypospadias

In this type of hypospadias, the opening of the urethra is present near the head of the penis.

  •    Midshaft hypospadias

Here, the opening of the urethra is usually present along the shaft of the penis in this type of hypospadias.

  •    Penoscrotalhypospadias

In penoscrotal hypospadias, the urethra opening is located at the point where the penis and scrotum meet.

Causes of hypospadias in boys

Hypospadias is one of the birth defects, which means it is present at birth. As the penis develops in the fetus, some hormones stimulate the development of the urethra and foreskin. Hypospadias occurs because of the malfunction in the action of these hormones and causes the abnormal growth of the urethra. The exact cause of hypospadias in boys is not known. But sometimes, this condition is genetic and environmental factors also play a role.

Risk factors associated with the development of hypospadias

  •    Family history

It is more common in male infants with a family history of this condition.

  •    Maternal age

Some research studies show that there may be a higher risk of hypospadias in boys born to women aged over 35.

  •    Genetics

Some gene variations may play a role in disrupting the function of hormones that stimulate the development of male genitalia.

  •    Exposure to certain chemical substances during pregnancy

Researchers speculate that there is a connection between hypospadias and a mother’s exposure to some chemical compounds such as pesticides or industrial chemicals.

Treatment of hypospadias in boys

Some cases of hypospadias are minor, and the patient does not need surgery. However, the most effective treatment for this abnormality is surgery to reposition the opening of the urethra and align the shaft of the penis. Pediatric surgeons usually carry out hypospadias surgery when the child is before age 2. Usually, surgeons consider the right age for hypospadias surgery to be 6 to 18 months. This is established on the assumption that it is easier to manage the kid at this age after the surgery, there is the less psychological effect on the kid of surgery on the genitals, and the results of the procedure are better at a young age than on older kids and adults.

Essential factors for successful surgery of hypospadias in boys

There are other factors to consider for successful hypospadias surgery. Among these, the two crucial factors are the conditions’ severity and the surgeon’s expertise.

  • The severity of hypospadias in boys is acquired by birth and cannot be changed. Moreover, the parents of the kid have to search for the best pediatric surgeon for their child to do the surgery.
  • Another crucial factor is penis size, which influences the surgery results more than the right age for hypospadias surgery of the child. In some cases, children with hypospadias have a very small penis. In some children, the penis size grows for a few years after birth and may reach a reasonable size by the age of two years. So, in such cases, any surgery on a small penis has a very high risk of failure. For cases like these, surgeons usually suggest waiting till the size of the penis is adequate for the surgery.

For a child with hypospadias and adequate penis size, the surgeons can perform the procedure at an early age, six months. However, if the kid with hypospadias has a small penis, the surgeons may suggest increasing the size with a small dose of hormone injection before planning the operation. Such a method increases the size of the penis and helps in the availability of adequate quality tissues for reconstruction during surgery. Surgeons usually perform the hypospadias surgery within 4-6 weeks after the hormone injections to achieve the best results.

Results of the treatment of hypospadias surgery

Advanced hypospadias surgery results in a penis with normal function and appearance. Many surgeons leave a small tube, a catheter, in the penis of the patient for a few days after the procedure to keep urine from the repair site. Surgeons prescribe antibiotics while the catheter is in place, and it drains into the diaper. Younger children seem to have less discomfort after the repair. Older boys handle the surgery well, especially with the surgeons’ prescribed drugs. Some boys may need medications for the treatment of bladder spasms after the procedure.

Get treated your baby at the right age for hypospadias surgery

Hypospadias is a congenital condition in male infants. The experts in the field suggest that the right age for hypospadias surgery is 6-18 months for the best results. But a few other factors contribute to the results, including the severity of the condition. So, get your child the best treatment possible by consulting the experts in the field. If you are searching for a medical institute for hypospadias surgery and penile surgery for baby boys, ALSA is the best place. It has state-of-the-art medical equipment and trained staff to cater to patients. Also, it has the best hypospadias surgeon in Pakistan, Dr. Mohsin, with years of surgical experience to give the best possible outcomes to the patients. Moreover, they offer affordable hypospadias surgery costs in Pakistan.