Pediatric Hernia Surgery from professional Pediatric Hernia Surgeon

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ALSA Pakistan offers you a state-of-the-art facility for pediatric surgeries as well. In addition, we have onboard one of the best pediatric surgeons in Pakistan, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin. He is a highly qualified surgeon with extensive experience in pediatric surgeries and is ranked as the best pediatric surgeon for inguinal hernia in Lahore.

What is Inguinal Hernia in Peads?

Approximately 3-5% of healthy babies are born with inguinal hernia. However, the risk of hernia increases for premature babies by 30%. It may also develop after the baby is born. Typically, the inguinal canal that passes the testicles down into the scrotum closes during the pregnancy. However, if the canal fails to close properly, a part of the intestine may bulge out into the canal due to patent passage. This bulge in the groin area or scrotum is referred to as a hernia. Unfortunately, the only promised treatment for the condition is surgery.


The bulge is usually first noticed by the parents or the caretaker, however it may not be prominent while visiting the doctor, so it’s always better to take a picture when the bulge is visible. Symptoms for inguinal hernias are mainly observed upon physical examination. The bulge or the swelling in the groin is more prominent when the baby cries. However, the bulge may change in its size and disappear when the baby relaxes. Other than premature babies, the children who suffer the following are also at the risk of developing hernias.

Pediatric hernia treatment with surgery

If your baby exhibits the condition mentioned above, you must get to the best pediatric surgeon for inguinal hernia in Pakistan. After the diagnosis, immediate pediatric hernia surgery is essential because a bit of delay may result in the intestine stuck in the groin, causing damage to the intestine. Therefore, we offer the best treatment with an affordable pediatric hernia surgery cost at ALSA Pakistan.

Dr Muhammad Mohsin offers latest Laparoscopic Inguinal hernia repair surgery services with the highly skilled paramedical staff and state-of-the-art equipment at ALSA Pakistan. The child is given anesthesia, and the surgeon makes a minor incision in the belly button and repair the hernia with a 1 mm incision in the area where the bulge was spotted. Further, the surgeon skillfully places the intestine back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pediatric hernia surgery recovery

At ALSA, we ensure that you walk home in the best of your health. Therefore, the child stays at the facility for post-operative care. In most of the cases, the surgeon may discharge the child on the same day. However, if the child is born premature, we ensure that the baby follows a healthy recovery process and observed in the nursery for 24 hours. Hence, we provide the patient with the best medical and paramedical staff, a stringent hygienic environment, and professional care after the pediatric hernia repair surgery.

We strictly follow the universal protocol for surgery to ensure your child’s health. So , upon consultation with the surgeon, the child is typically discharged same day following the hernia surgery recovery. You may expect difficulty in performing the routine tasks for the patient such as walking to the bathroom. Depending upon the child’s condition, the surgeon may prescribe some pain killers. Furthermore, there may be swelling or minor bruising around the incision which is completely fine and would go away in subsequent days. Lastly, according to the hernia surgery experts, the patient must not take a bath for at least 2 days. Physical exertion activity should be reduced to prevent recurrence.

Finally, full recovery from the hernia surgery may take up to four to six weeks when the child will be able to perform the daily tasks easily and properly

Risks & complications concerning pediatric hernia treatment

However, once you have walked down the ALSA Pakistan, your child is our responsibility, and we mark our name in performing the successful surgeries. So, get help from the best pediatric surgeon for inguinal hernia in Pakistan.