Treatment of Undescended Testis

Surgery for undescended testicles at ALSA Pakistan

What is the meaning of undescended testicles?

Undescended testicles or Undescended testes, also known as cryptorchidism, is a condition that occurs in baby boys. In this condition, one or both testicles of the baby are not present in their proper position in the scrotum after birth. Surgery for undescended testis is the standard, successful, and permanent treatment. During the baby’s development in the womb, testicles of baby boys develop in the abdomen. Then, in the last couple of months of pregnancy, they move down into the scrotum (a bag of skin hanging below the penis) through a tube like a passageway in the groin. But in undescended testicles, this process is delayed or stopped, and the testicles do not descend down in the scrotum. ALSA Pakistan offers economical surgery for undescended testis and penile surgery in baby boys, because our priority is your good health.

Risk factors of Undescended testes

The exact reason for undescended testicles remains unknown, but it may occur due to a combination of changes related to genes, mother health, physical changes, and other environmental factors impacting the hormones. There are certain factors that make undescended testis more likely to happen, such as;

Surgery for Undescended
Testicles at ALSA Pakistan

We perform the surgery for undescended testis, which is called orchiopexy or orchidopexy, to move the undescended testicles in the scrotum and fix them there. We perform this procedure under general anesthesia. undescended testes surgery is a straightforward procedure with a high success rate.

At ALSA Pakistan, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin has the finest expertise for cryptorchidism treatment and helps to make your child live a healthy and happy life.

Undescended Testicle Surgery Cost in Pakistan

The Updated cost of undescended testicles in Pakistan ranging from 100k to 150k on one side and 150k to 200k on both sides. A baby with undescended testicles will feel no discomfort and is not in imminent danger of any medical issues. Patients from all across Pakistan come to ALSA to see our top pediatric surgeon Dr Mohsin who offers a revolutionary treatment for testis problems in children, newborns, and teenagers. However, from anesthetists to caregivers to surgeons, every member of our surgical team has advanced training in pediatric care. We collaborate to make the environment for your child experiencing retractile testis as pleasant and secure as possible. In addition, our highly experienced and competent team routinely conducts some of the most advanced minimally invasive surgical testis operations in children at very affordable costs.

Importance of Getting Surgery for Undescended testis

Undescended testicles are not painful, and your child is not at risk of any immediate health problem. However, there are long term complications of undescended testes, including;

Normally undescended testes are detected during the baby’s physical examination soon after birth. But if it is not detected during the physical examination and you note that one or both testicles of your child is not in their normal place, contact your doctor right away. In most cases, testicles usually move down naturally into the scrotum during the first 3 to 5 months. At ALSA Pakistan, we ideally perform undescended testicle treatment within 6 to 12 months of age. It is very important to get the surgery for undescended testis before your child reaches 2 years of age to avoid complications later in life.